Saturday, May 21, 2011

Roanoke to Charlotte

Ahhh, finally a second to sit down.  For some reason, I thought it was good idea not to go to sleep before my day of travelling begins?!  I finished up almost all of my packing by midnight and I decided to take a break before I finished up.  My break consisted of me completely shaving my head; I mean, it’s 90 degrees every day in Curacao I need to have a breeze running on my scalp for the summer.  Next thing I know it’s 1 in the morning and I’ve somehow been roped into a three-way Skype call.  I ended up talking to those girls until a little after 3 when my mom got home from work (she was working an overnight shift at the rescue squad).  She was coming home to drive me to the airport! I immediately said goodbye on Skype and went to finish my packing to leave ASAP.  Checking it went great even though it was my first time using a computer kiosk instead of a human being to do it!  I managed to get all of my boarding passes printed off so no long lines for me for the rest of the day!

            Now I have a decision to make.  I haven’t eaten yet, its 4:40 and my flight boards at 4:50…My cheap side kicks in and I, of course, opt to leave the airport, drive to the nearest McDonald’s and savor the local wares known as the dollar menu.  I didn’t leave the drive through window until 4:53 and I was freaking out.  My mom and I floored it back to the airport and hurriedly said goodbye, took my passport out of my bag and filled the open spaces with the food I had just gotten.  Luckily, the airline was running a little late too and I got there right as the plane was boarding.

            Just my luck! I end up sitting next to the guy arguing with the air marshal as to whether or not he has to turn off his phone! Just turn it off buddy, the world won’t end if you’re disconnected from your text messages for a bit.

            Now, I’m in Charlotte until 10am…trying to decide, is it worth it to go explore the city for an hour or two before my flight or should I just catch up on my reading?

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