Monday, May 23, 2011

Going to miss Peddrew-Yates this summer

Just went to my first day of work.  We basically went over what the weeklong orientation would be like.  I’ll get to see what all aspects of the lab do before, on Monday, I have to make a decision as to the focus of my research.  I also just signed in to my room at the campus on the Island.  Let’s just say, it is no Peddrew-Yates…Heck, it is no Slusher Tower either (I apologize for those references for those who don’t attend Virginia Tech).  I have a desk, a bed and a dresser; if I stood in the middle of the room and stretched my hands out I could probably touch all 4 walls.  And for the first time in my life, I’ll have to use a community shower…I guess I should’ve known this was coming since I somehow managed to avoid it at college. Alas, it was the cheapest option and I HATE spending money.  Anyways its almost 1pm and I haven’t eaten anything all day.  Still have to move into my new place, start the online class I’m taking at Tech and read over the 100 or so pages I got for homework from the hospital.  Hope everyone else is having a little bit more of a relaxed day.

Just a few random pictures of me going near the beach!

From the pier, looking towards the shore.

Curacao has these walls set up for one they were needed to defend itself from attackers during war.  Cannons would be placed in the gaps to attack incoming ships.

Some random steps that lead into the ocean.  I guess in case you don’t want to walk to the actual beach.

There’s no way you could possibly tell from this picture, but this is actually a golf course.

How did they know I was about to eat it?

These were just on the side of the road…I don’t know how I feel about this.
My sweet ride…

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