Tuesday, June 7, 2011

If I see you here again I’m calling Security!

My apologies for a post where all I do is rant and vent.

As my campus internet is, I believe they call it, an epic fail.  I resorted to going to other places for my internet.  Internet cafés and things of that nature.  So, I go to this café I heard about that’s inside a hotel, you can get some food, do your homework online and they usually have some sort of live band.  I thought that it was open to any paying customer. I was wrong.  About half hour after sitting there this guy approaches me and he just looks like a jerk (I’ll refrain from using more colorful language to describe him…ahem, stupid).  He’s doesn’t even say hello, just asks me if I’m staying at the hotel.  I’m like no, obviously not, why else would I have my laptop case and my car keys with me if I was staying here. JK, I wasn’t that rude, I just said I wasn’t staying there.  He goes, well this area is only for customers staying at the hotel, I’m gonna need you leave.  I was like ok, NBD, I’ll leave.  He says, good and if I see you here again I’m calling security on you.  WOAH, that’s when I had enough of his rudeness, got up and beat him mercilessly.  Again, joking, I just said ok and left.  But that guy was unbelievably rude, there was absolutely no sign of any kind to let you know that area was for hotel guests only.  In fact, if you walked about 10 feet down the hall, there’s a lounge that doesn’t serve food, but anyone can go in it, another 10 feet and there’s an entire casino next to the front lobby.  It was not a far stretch of the imagination for me to think I could go in there.  Even though he was extremely rude, I decided not to make a big deal about it, I didn’t report him for pretty much verbally threatening me for an honest mistake; Instead, I’ll be the bigger man and just wait for karma to do what it does best. 

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